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Reed Elder - August 2022

Cue the drum roll, we have our August Good Neighbor Award winner ----- Reed Elder!

The Youth Council surprised Reed in the middle of August with a huge basket of treats and gift cards.  Reed is one of our favorites because of all the service he has done for us as a Youth Council.  He has helped us with our Spook Alley for years with not only ideas but supplies.  Weird things like 8" round pipe to hold tree limbs for spook alley trees and 5-gallon buckets with sand in the bottom to hold said pipes and tree branches, etc.  And he always helps with a smile and kindness.  Reed has also supplied the Side by Side that we used at the city celebration to pull the Barrel Train Car.  And both last year and this year along with the gas to drive it!!  He also supplied a second Side by Side that was used by our Road Apple Committee.  So many enjoyed fun at the celebration thanks to Reed! 

Reed has given many, many hours through the years to Hyde Park through his service on the City Council and other committees.  You might not know this but these committees are volunteer hours where expertise is given to benefit all of us.  But now you know that all of us in Hyde Park have enjoyed the advantage of having such a great neighbor in our city!  We also thank Valerie because we know that behind all that service is a wonderful spouse that helps to make it happen.  Thank you Reed and Valerie for all you have given to help and serve Hyde Park!

We want to give a special thanks to our sponsors.  They help us put together an amazing and envious gift basket!  Alvey's Chocolates, Plant Peddler Floral, Kathy Kaye Foods, Great Harvest Bread Company, The Old Grist Mill, and Maverik of Hyde Park.  Please support these wonderful businesses!    

You can nominate someone awesome like the Elders at HPGoodNeighbor@gmail.com

Trevor and Cheryl Harrison Family - July 2022

Congratulations to the Trevor & Cheryl Harrison family!    They have served Hyde Park in so many ways. 

Cheryl has been serving on the Youth Council since 2020 as an advisor and spent hours upon hours serving.  Not only has she created rooms for the Spook Alley, but she spearheaded a Leprechaun Treasure Hunt and helped with other activities every single month.  She has been a huge part of the Youth Council's success and fun!  She has a great talent for coming up with new ideas along with one that you will be hearing about -- the Hyde Porker Barbecue Contest. 


Trevor has amazing graphic artistic talents he shared with the city.  If you have noticed the YC's t-shirts then you have seen the cool graphic design on the front. Trevor also designed the amazing and classy Car Show logo.  He used his skills to put the logo on business cards, posters, placards, and shirts. 

Kyra & Hunter have both served on the Youth Council and have given lots and lots of hours to our community and beyond!  Kyra is currently on the council and we hope she stays for a long time.  She was the first to the Fun Run to help there and then to the parade to help with traffic and then spent the day helping run the games at our celebration and the activities in the evening. 

The Harrison family has given a great deal of service in Hyde Park with smiles and kindness.  We appreciate all they have done to help make HP our little slice of heaven.

If you have terrific neighbors like the Harrisons, please let us know about them.  HPGoodNeighbor@gmail.com   


Mike & Shara Holt Family - March 2022

Who was our March Good Neighbor?  No March Madness here, just a sweet family of six.  Not only were the parents nominated but their 4 kids too.  It's too hard to wait so here it is ...... the Mike & Shara Holt family! 


The person that nominated them stated that "they have always been so kind to everyone around them.  They are always helping someone move in, babysitting other families' children and making dinner for older neighbors."  This neighbor observed that Mike & Shara are teaching their children to serve and love everyone.  We heard echoes of this nomination letter from others as the described the Holt family as happy and with lots of smiles and kindness to others. 


We were so happy to hear about this wonderful family.  They do sound as the author described - amazing.   

Robert Hendricks, Brendan, and Jackson Neuhart - February 2022

We were excited to award the Good Neighbor to a wonderful neighbor and his grandsons.  Any guesses on who it is?  This man looks after a neighbor and helps when he sees a need.  In the fall this grandpa included his grandsons in cleaning up a yard full of leaves and hauling them off.  Ready to guess yet?  It is Robert Hendricks and his grandsons Brendan and Jackson Neuhart!  We had a little challenge tracking down these good neighbors but were happy to find them and surprise them with treats of all kinds.  The person that nominated them expressed gratitude for people showing up to help and hauling off the green waste.  They said that they have been able to care for their yard for the past 50 years but now are thankful for the help.  She said these neighbors deserved merit and we got to do just that, give merit. 

Do you have a neighbor that deserves merit for going above and beyond?  Let us know at HPGoodNeighbor@gmail.com  

Thanks again Robert, Brendan, and Jackson!  We appreciate your kind service that blesses people in Hyde Park.

Rich and Lynne Eckburg - October 2021

October brought fall leaves, pumpkins, and some amazing Good Neighbors.  We are happy to announce the Rich and Lynne Eckburg are the October Good Neighbor Award Winners.  We heard a recurring theme with the Eckburg's that they are always checking in on their neighbors and serving them.  "They help with yard work, they visit the lonely and they are good listeners."  Many times Rich can be seen blowing leaves off the walkway or raking up leaves. "Every time we pass them in their yard or somewhere in the neighborhood they are always smiling and happy to see you. They are so friendly and kind. They work hard and they go out of their way to serve behind the scenes doing the little, but important things."  We all know that the little things are the big things!  And we want to thank Rich and Lynne for helping to make Hyde Park our little corner of heaven.  They kept insisting that their neighbors were the ones that served them.  It sounds like a great neighborhood to live in, doesn't it?

Andy and Michelle Haws - August 2021

August brought some really fun good neighbors.  We were able to surprise Andy and Michelle Haws with the August Good Neighbor Award. 

They are new to Hyde Park but it didn't take long to realize why they were nominated and described as amazing.  They were so gracious to us and we felt an instant friendship.  And that is one of the things that was mentioned in the nomination letter, that not only are they good people but great friends.  They have gone above and beyond in the neighbor department by not just asking if help is needed but just jumping in and serving.

They are mindful, service-oriented, observant, and act without waiting to be asked.  They give without expectation of anything in return.  The person that nominated them added a list of things that Andy and Michelle have done to serve in the neighborhood but our favorite was that they are always kind and friendly.

Machelle and Jay Dee Barr - July 2021

Our Good Neighbor Award winners for July are Machelle and Jay Dee Barr! They have given a lot of service to Hyde Park in ways that not many people are aware of.  About 10 years ago our city float needed a major overhaul clear down to the flatbed needing new wood for a new base.   With Jay Dee's construction abilities and Machelle's decorating talents they created a beautiful new float that served our city for many, many parades.  Of course, it was one of the best looking floats in the whole valley!  We didn't realize just how solid and sound the float was until we started tearing it down a little to do some remodeling for a new look. There were more staples than could be counted and a beautiful solid structure that our princesses were able to use.  There's no doubt that it will still be solid and fine in years to come when we might change the look again.  

The Barr's gave a lot of time and effort and out of their own pockets to give the city the wonderful float they did.  We hope that when you see the float gliding down the road you will remember the hard work and sacrifice that Machelle and Jay Dee gave to our city.

And it doesn't stop there, the Barr's give service to their friends and neighbors and church and beyond our city limits also.  We are so grateful to them for all they do to make Hyde Park an even better place to live!   Thank you Machelle and Jay Dee!

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