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Home to over 5,000 residents in Cache Valley.

City Park

This Park on 600 South and 250 East is a favorite for the children 

Hyde Park Royalty


Information regarding the proposed Tax Increase

Mayors Letter


City Council meetings will be held in person and via zoom.  Links can be found below.


General Plan Draft is open for comments.  The document can be found here.


The Land Use Map is also open for public comments. 




New fire restrictions are in place for all areas east of 400 East. See map.  Please see the ordinance for specific details.

State fire restrictions as of July 18, 2022



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City Events


Local Highlights

Join our Hyde Park 100 Miler Club - Details - Log 

Sharideans Single Track - Trailforks information



Public Notices

 City Council will be held via Zoom and in person.  Zoom links are below for the individual meetings.

Gallery of Hyde Park
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